This is the model privacy notice (MPN) generator

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This is the model privacy notice (MPN) generator, written in jQuery UI and Bootstrap. This MPN generator was developed by R. Jason Cronk (of Enterprivacy Consulting Group) and Daniel Solove (of TeachPrivacy)

An example of a generated MPN is available at

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generator.html can be opened in most major modern Web Browsers with HTML5 support (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) on Android and iOS. IE should function though may have display issues (especially on older versions). It has been tested on

The generator is avalibale in this Github repository ( or on the Internet at

When downloading the generator to a local computer, you should download the js and graphics folders as well. These folders contain required javacript and graphics necessary for the generator to operate. The graphics are also required for the resulting privacy notice. The generator also uses jQueryUI and Bootstrap framework. The javascript and CSS for these libraries are pulled from major CDNs and include source integrity checking.

Once the generator.html file is opened, the health care developer should follow the instructions in the generator page

  1. Complete the form on the left side of the screen. Your privacy notice will be generated on the right side of the screen as you complete the form.
  2. All sections should be completed. Incomplete sections will be identified as Section Incomplete
  3. You should review the generated notice for accuracy and completeness.
  4. You should seek the advice of legal counsel before using the notice as it may affect your legal rights. This form is not meant to offer or provide any legal advice.

The resulting privacy notice will be displayed on the right side of the screen. For the convenience of the developer, the complete code is provided in a text box at the bottom of the page. The developer should copy and paste this HTML5 code into a webpage on their website and link to this site from your mobile health app. The developer must also download the graphics folder from this repository. If the developer places these in a different directory on their site, they must change the appropriate image sources in the privacy notice. The developer can further customize the generated HTML5 to include style consistent with the developer’s site or mobile app.